Latest jobs

Some websites I've designed recently

Web Site - Painelbras
PainelbrasWeb SiteApril 2017
Web Site - RM Consultoria e Treinamentos
RM Consultoria e TreinamentosWeb SiteMarch 2017
Web Site - GHC Elétrica
GHC ElétricaWeb SiteAugust 2016
Web Site - Kascher
KascherWeb SiteAugust 2016
Web Site - Prevenir Saúde
Prevenir SaúdeWeb SiteFebruary 2016
Web Site - GPL Projetos e Máquinas
GPL Projetos e MáquinasWeb SiteNovember 2015
Web Site - Prime Fisioterapia
Prime FisioterapiaWeb SiteOctober 2015
Web Site - MGA Automação Industrial
MGA Automação IndustrialWeb SiteMay 2015
Web Site - Luciana Garms
Luciana GarmsWeb SiteJanuary 2015

Some apps I've developed so far

  • App to design and manage technical reports;
  • Wholesaler ordering systems;
  • Field reports platform with expenses control;
  • Financial management (cash flow, etc.);
  • E-learning platforms;
  • Etc.

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